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Pankova Marketa: John Amos Comenius at a Glance: Small Encyclopedia of the Czech Genius of the Centuries, 2022.

The author brings basic professional information on J. A. Comenius and his relatives in the context of historical events of his time, and on teachers and scholars of various confessions who influenced Comenius’opinions and stands towards societal situation and education. The book is divided into chapters which follow Comenius’ life events.

Price: 440,-

Pankova Marketa: Johannes Amos Comenius in us, 2014.

Quotations from Comenius‘ works as life inspiration, research on him and his genealogy. A four-language book: Czech, English, German and Russian versions.

Price: 240,-

Pankova Marketa: The Legacy of J. A. Comenius. Traditions and Challenges of the Czech Culture and Education to Europe, 2010.

A Small Catalogue of the exhibition on the history of education.

Price: 40,-

J. A. Comenius: Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart (Illustrations by Petr Nikl), 2008

Masterpiece of J. A. Comenius ranking among the gems of Czech Baroque literature. Allegorical critique of the 17th century society.

Price: 450,-

J. A. Comenius: Orbis sensualium pictus, Leipzig: Julius Klinkhardt, 1910

Selected excerpts from Comenius’ linguistic encyclopedia which overtook its time and in the following two centuries served as a vivid teaching aid for language instruction. A significant part of the book are its pictures which show reproductions of original wood carvings from several historical editions.

Price: 230,-

Historia scholastica, 2015-2022

Since 2015, professional reviewed international journal Historia scholastica has published explorative historical-pedagogical texts related to the history of pedagogical thinking and the history of schooling and education.

Price: 100,-

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