Permanent exposition

J. A. Comenius’ Legacy

Traditions and challenges of Czech scholarship to Europe

Modern interactive permanent exhibition - Under the auspices of Czech Commission for UNESCO – In partnership with the capital Prague


  1. Beginnings of Christian scholarship (9th – 14th centuries)
  2. Prague university and its international significance (2nd half of 14th - beginning of 15th centuries)
  3. Golden age of humanism (15th – 16th centuries)
  4. Birth of modern pedagogy (15th – 17th centuries)
  5. Lights and shades of Baroque, or, Baroque bridge to modern education (17th – 1st half of 18th century)
  6. J. A. Comenius’ (1592 – 1670) legacy to the world – education for all
  7. Way to general literacy (18th century)
  8. Education of a modern nation (turn of 18th and 19th centuries)
  9. Traditions of Czech scholarship in the 19th century
  10. Education in the state of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (1918 – 1938)
  11. Scholarship and totalitarianism
  12. Democracy and plurality in education (present era)


Part of the exhibition is:

  • Teaching aids room
  • Interactive programme: J. A. Comenius - life, work, legacy
  • Screening of documentaries


In a loose chronological order the visitor can follow the most important events, problems and phenomena from the Czech history of education, pedagogy and schooling which had shifted the development of education forward considering the then wholesome situation in Europe, or influenced to a great extent European development of education and scholarship. Historical roots of the present and future development in the sphere of scholarship are also presented at the exhibition. The designers created several sectors which provide broader information on the presented dominants, so that those interested in deeper knowledge can see what role had scholarship played in each concrete period. The exhibition includes an interactive programme part of which is a collection of school certificates.


The permanent exhibition is supplemented by short-term thematic exhibitions every year.