Cooperation with Czech schools abroad

Awarding J.A. Comenius Medal to Zdenka Skorunková Dati

On August 11, 2022, the J. A. Comenius Medal was handed over to Zdenka Skorunková Dati, director of Czech school in Florence and chairwoman of Czech-Italian ARCA association, for promoting Czech culture and the Czech language in Italy. She received the award from the hands of the Director of Comenius National Pedagogical Museum and Library in Prague, PhDr. Markéta Pánková.

Methodological cooperation with Czech school Schola Bohemica in Düsseldorf

Schola Bohemica e. V. in cooperation with Comenius National Pedagogical Museum and Library (NPMC) presented an exhibition KOMenský v KOMiksu (COMenius in COMics) from March 2022 to June 2022. Not only pupils of this compatriot school, but also their parents and other visitors were invited to see the exhibition.

On May 21, 2022 Schola Bohemica in cooperation with NPMC and General Consulate of the Czech Republic in Düsseldorf organized a workshop for preschool and school children entitled „Knowledge Gives Wings. The project was ceremonially opened by General Consul of the Czech Republic in Düsseldorf Kristina Larisch and the managerial board of the compatriot school. The workshop was devoted to an idea, how it is possile to apply Comenius’ teaching on the modern times. It was also aimed at making children think and accept education as an adventure which provides „life wings“.

Methodological cooperation of NPMC with Czech school in Naples

NPMC has been cooperating with compatriot schools abroad for a long time, especially in organizing exhibitions and lectures. In May 2022 NPMC Director Markéta Pánková received an invitation from the director of Czech school in Naples, Helena Schwarzová, to take part in the school’s lessons and to give a lecture about the historical period of empress Maria Theresia and education in the 18th century. Czech school in Naples started to operate in October 2010. 

Cooperation with Compatriot in the World

Since October 2020, NPMC started close cooperation with an independent and volunteer association. the Compatriot in the World z.s., It publishes a journal called Compatriot which is important especially for foreign readers, but it also promotes the Czech language, literature and culture in the world. The association also creates teaching documents and supports young generations of Czechs living abroad who are bilingual or multilingual. The Compatriot in the World association also organizes a pilot project of distance education for Czech children living abroad.

Czech school in Milan started the school year with „KOMenský v KOMiksu“

Despite the corona virus pandemic, on September 27, 2020 a festive opening of the new school year 2020/2021 took place in Milan, Italy, under strict hygienic measures. On this occasion, Czech School Milan held a workshop related to the exhibition „COMenius in COMics“ borrowed from NPMC. The workshop was supervised by art historian Hana Crotti Křenková, a long-time member of the Association and Council, responsible for the cultural section.

A visit from Colombia

On March 6, 2020, director of NPMC, PhDr. Markéta Pánková and professor Geral Eduardo Mateus Ferro, director of the Language department at National Pedagogical University in Bogota signed an agreement on a loan of the exhibition J.A. Comenius: Education for All. By this act they started collaboration in creating a museum corner devoted to the work of J. A. Comenius.

VII. Meeting of Czech schools in Italy

Associazione Praga and Czech school Rome - in collaboration with the Czech Embassy in Italy and the St. John of Nepomuk Papal College in Rome – were the organizers of the VII. Meeting of Czech schools in Italy held on March 8-10, 2019.

The main theme of the Meeting was bilingualism: „Teaching the Czech language and Czech facts  with regard to children’s and pupils‘ bilingualism and to their knowledge of Czech culture.  Educational programmes  of Czech schools in Italy: approaches, methods, specifics“. In addition, the participating schools informed about their innovations and new projects. Present at the Meeting were delegates and teachers of Czech schools from Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples and Rome.

An exhibition „Here is the new republic“ in Czech school in San Diego (USA)

Marking the centenery of the existence of independent Czechoslovakia, the NPMC exhibition was opened in Czech school in San Diego on November 4, 2018.